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    Risesun Science and Technology Conducts Emergency Rescue Training Activities Basing on “Putting Life First and Saving in Minutes”
    25.07 2023

    In order to enhance everyone's emergency awareness and improve their ability of self rescue and mutual rescue in emergencies, on May 6,2023, our company invited Chen Xiaoqiong, a second-class Red Cross emergency rescue technician in Wenzhou City and the matron of obstetrics and gynecology department of the First People's Hospital of Longwan District, to our company to carry out emergency rescue training activities. On site, the trainer explained emergency rescue related operational essentials in easy ways, and demonstrated emergency techniques such as chest compressions, artificial respiration, and AED use. The training content is practical, the teacher's explanations are professional and vivid, employees actively participate in interaction and practical operations, and the on-site learning atmosphere is lively.


    Through this training activity, everyone has gained the understanding of emergency rescue knowledge and mastered basic first aid skills. When encountering emergency situations, they can promptly carry out self rescue and mutual rescue to minimize casualties and jointly improve their on-site rescue capabilities in response to emergencies.